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Principle 1: Just for Today, I Will Not Worry 

This is an absolutely beautiful principle (also called a precept), one that I began incorporating into my daily practice long before I stumbled across the gentle and compassionate practice of sharing Reiki with horses.  

To me, a practice of mindfulness slowly became a personal cushioning to the sometimes chaotic nature of life. A protective bubble from the external arrows that seem to come out of nowhere as we go about our day. Perhaps the arrows come as feeling judged or hearing an unkind word. 

When I first stumbled across the Reiki principles I realised that they are so similar to what I was teaching at The Gift of The Horse, that I just had to dig deeper and find out what this wonderful thing called Reiki was all about.


Now, as I go about my day and I feel that worry creeping in, I will say to myself: "Lara - just for today, do not worry."


If I am upset, I will put my hand over my heart and close my eyes and say: "I will not worry."

Just saying those words and placing my hand on my heart acknowledges my feelings, but also helps me to let them go. To not let an external arrow hurt me or worry me. It helps me to understand that those who say mean things or who are angry - suffer - and they may well be suffering a great deal. It helps me to begin to have compassion for anyone who shoots an arrow at me or others. Again, I know - the suffering of another means that the attack is not personal. So why worry?

Whatever it is, things will come up that may have the power to trigger us, or even derail us, but through our commitment to practice we can learn to slow down on our reactions and our words.


Now this doesn't mean that we suddenly become super human and no longer become upset, or never have a bad day, but it means that we are able to - through practice - learn to untangle from the hold that these triggers may have over us and  we are able to let go of  the worry and stress that the arrow brings along with the it. 


My mindfulness practice and incorporating this Reiki principle has helped me to worry a hang of a lot less.  


In a sense, I have developed a way to unhook from worry. This is a powerful tool to have in your self-care kit!! One that develops like a muscle the more you practice using it. 


At first this practice was quite deliberate. I would even say to myself (or out aloud!) "UNHOOK Lara!!" Now I can safely say - it is more and more natural for me to unhook and let go. Unhooking has become a very good habit. 


What I find is that if something goes down and I feel the pinch of being triggered, my day is not ruined and I do not obsess over whatever happened. Usually a day or so later I will revisit whatever attempted to worry me with a lot more clarity, a lot less emotion and a hang of a lot more understanding - to myself and whatever or whoever caused the worry.

I have learnt that worrying really doesn't change anything at all. Action is what brings change. In yoga we learn that anger can be transformed into action - and it is a powerful emotion, when used for good. (But more on that another time!).

My offer to you is to say these words to yourself every time something may come up for you that usually would worry you and cause you to become stressed or anxious: "Just for today, I will not worry."

I know that if you commit daily to these beautiful words, you will slowly, but surely start to feel the difference. 

Namaste and thank you for being here xxx


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