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The Heart of Unconditional Love

Photo Credit: Sabine Henry

The roots of unconditional love begin with pure acceptance, without preference. Unconditional love shared with our horses means that we embrace and accept them in this very moment, exactly as they are. The flowing energy of unconditional love is very light and warm and our horses feel into and connect with this beautiful energy very easily.

When we explore and begin to embrace the feeling of unconditional love, we deepen our senses and gently expand our awareness. We begin to see not only with the vision of our eyes, but we can now also see and feel more with our hearts.

The heart does not know of stories and labels, of lack and comparison. The heart does not judge or pity, nor know good or bad or right or wrong.

A pure heart sees only the great bright and golden light of the other. It feels the warmth and glow emanating from deep within.

The heart hears whispers of collaboration and oneness. It is the heart which urges us to find our way back into the natural world and be with all her beings. It knows the bonds of brotherhood and sisterhood that arise beyond species and form.

The heart knows the heart of the other because they are long time friends, reunited together again after a lifetime of forgetting, separation and distraction.

The heart knows the truth.

The heart knows you.

Trust in your beautiful heart to guide you back, it is never wrong.

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