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Take The Journey

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

Open your heart to your horse.

Don’t shape her – let her find her balance, let her develop slowly, let her grow into who she is.

Go for walks together, breathe in life, breathe in love and come with an “empty cup”. While you are together fill your cup with whatever comes to you – the birds, the smell of the grass, the footfalls of you and your horse walking together.

Lay your arm over her back and let her take you.

Guide her, cherish her – but let her be who she needs to be. Because she needs to be this way for YOU.

If you let her be herself, you will know and understand who you are NOW and you will know what the journey ahead will look like, how you need to grow, change, dive deeper, try harder, fight stronger for your truth.

In those walks together, during those quite moments in nature the answers will come to you – the choices you need to make will become clear and you will know who you need to be for YOU and for those who you love.

Take the journey, take the walk. Your horse knows where you need to be going.

GO with her.

And don’t look back.

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