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Equine Reiki Case Study 1: Session 2: Bonnie of Tom Row Haven: Harmonising

Our second session together was completed different from session 1. Bonnie approached me very purposefully and led me back to the very same place where we had session 1. For a small horse she certainly knows what she wants! She again suggested I sit on the same upturned bucket, which of course I did! As I mentioned in my previous post - it is amazing what horses will start to show us when we are truly open to what they suggest.

As I settled down on the upturned bucket, Bonnie came up to me and stood with her head next to my arm and my shoulder.

When two beings come together, they are each initially vibrating at different frequencies. Then, there is a tendency for two beings to begin to slowly vibrate in harmony . This is known as entraiment and was discovered by Chirstiaan Hudgens, a Dutch physicist and scientist in 1665 when he put two pendulum clocks on a wall that swung at different rates. He found that eventually they would end up swinging in sync with each other. This became accepted as a basic law of physics.

We may experience many examples of entrainment in our every day lives. Perhaps we meet someone with a very grounding and peaceful energy and we too begin to feel grounded and peaceful. Perhaps we listen to soothing music and we feel soothed. We take off our shoes and step onto spongey soft grass, and we feel like we can take a breathe and come back to centre. A leaf blowing in the wind is entrained to the wind, it harmonies, syncs in and allows itself to go along rather than push against what is. These are examples of how we tend to lock into phase with a vibration that is of the highest good for us.

Entrainment also happens when an animal and a human come together.

I know that if you are here reading this, you have a deep love for horses, and you've experienced how you feel around them. Often we may not be able to explain this, but we are in fact harmonising with their energy. In the same way, we can bring very calm and grounding energy to our horses through mindfulness, meditation and reiki practice.

Bonnie and I stayed like that for a long time and then she gently moved off and the session came to a close.

I still sensed that she requested a hand's off session and the closeness she offered was extremely special to me.

Thank you Bonnie

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