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Equine Reiki Case Study 1: Session 1: Bonnie of Tom Row Haven

The Gift of The Horse Reiki believes that the horse is always the one who guides the practice. He or she will be able to decide if they would like to share Reiki with me or if they would prefer not to. If the horse would like to, he or she will decide the length of time and if they would like to receive hands on or a distance Reiki or a mixture of both throughout our time together.

The horse is never asked to stand still, never tied up or forced to accept Reiki.

It is possible that very sensitive horses or horses who have suffered trauma may not yet be open to Reiki. And that is completely ok. They will let us know when they are ready.

Part of the Animal Reiki Practitioner Code of Ethics as developed by Kathleen Prasad is to honor the privacy of the animals and their human companions. And I 100% support this.

What I can share here is with express permission from Bonnie’s guardian and is a general reflection on our time together. Private notes and records are kept and sent to Bonnie's guardian. This is also so we can reflect back along the journey of Reiki with Bonnie.

Bonnie was open to the Reiki practice, but her preference was for me to sit down a distance away from her. I initially began the practice by standing a little way away from her, but she walked right past an upturned bucket and then stood a short distance away from the bucket and me. To me, this was her setting things up to how she was comfortable and where she wanted me to be.What I have learnt from my study of Reiki is to really (and I mean really!!) be open to what the animals may be sharing with you.

As soon as I sat down, I sensed she relaxed a little more with me being there. Plus, I was more comfortable! Thank you, Bonnie! Bonnie is a small horse and it made a lot of sense to me that she would feel more comfortable with having me sitting down. In Reiki we learn never to stand over smaller animals, but to come down to their level. Always make sure you feel safe doing this with horses and opt for a upturned bucket rather than sitting on the ground, especially when sharing Reiki with animals who you are meeting for the first time.

Bonnie was very clear that her preference was for distance Reiki. (Distance Reiki can mean any amount of distance - from being in a completely different location to the animal, to your hands just above the body). Please note here that even if you are sharing distance Reiki, permission must be given by the guardian and the horse.

For Bonnie and I a comfortable distance was about 2 meters. The Reki lasted for about 30 minutes (I always allow one hour) and afterwards I spent a little more time in her company. I sensed she was happy for the session to close off, but she asked me to stay with her. We watched the birds in the dam, and I walked with her a little bit as she wondered back to her hay. Please note here that I was not "following" her trying to keep the Reiki going as she was leaving me. I felt a very clear invitation to "come along" and I was so happy to. These are all things that you will become aware of the more you practice mindfulness and Reiki.

Bonnie and I reconnected later that evening (she lives next door to my horses) and she let out a big beautiful neigh for such a small girl!

My wish is to offer her many more sessions and to share with her guardians how to share Reiki with her.

I am excited to share more of Bonnie's journey with you!

Namaste and thank you for being here.



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