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Calmness, Patterns and Feeling Good

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

I believe that in order to have a wonderful time with our horses, we should learn how to be calm, know with certainty what we are doing and ultimately feel good before, during and after our sessions. We should try to help our horses to feel the same way too.


I have been working on practising calmness for a few years now, and it is safe to say that it takes somewhat of an effort to remind myself to breathe, relax and be present, especially given the wonderful fullness and busyness of life.


Something rather new that I have been working on is getting really particular on the order in which I do things when I am with my horses. I have found that they are really leaning into the certainty that my predictability is giving them. And all I have really done is change something about myself... how interesting!

Feeling Good:

We all arrive at the stables looking forward to the time we get to have with our horses, but very quickly we might begin to feel frustrated, over-horsed or even that we are under achieving. I've recently had an old challenge resurface with Twilight. I could easily feel frustrated at this because we worked really hard overcoming it and here we are again, it seems, with the same challenge. But this is an opportunity to take something we think we may be "past" or have mastered, and understand and appreciate our horses (and ourselves) at even a deeper level. And become a better horse person in the process.

I have loaded up a new episode on my very beginning stages podcast, where I go into some more detail on what I do for calmness, my patterns and feeling good, even through challenges. I hope you'll have a listen and let me know what you think!

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All my best,

Lara xoxo

The Gift of The Horse

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