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Our Story 

The Gift of The Horse is a safe space, where we learn to see the horse (and others) with spiritual sight. We look beyond the mind identified form of the horse (and others) to what lies beneath, which is the essence or true nature of that being. We begin to recognise that the horse is not here simply for our pleasure and our entertainment. She has far, far greater work to do.

Part of our practice is to acknowledge that all feedback (good and “bad”) from the horse is a gift. A gift that offers us a greater awareness into who we are and perhaps more importantly, who we are not.

Through being with the horse in this way, we gain remarkable insight and direct access to presence, calmness, serenity and a deepening of consciousness. This can sometimes be mind blowing!!

The Gift of The Horse is not a training regime. It is a mindful practice of love and care. Meeting the horse in every moment, is a holy instant.

I created The Gift of The Horse in 2016 as I felt deeply called to share the profound shifts in thinking and awareness that I had started to experience. For a long while I had struggled with certain behaviour that my horse was presenting to me. It was as if nothing I did, no training program that I adopted, no method, was able to change this behaviour. It persisted relentlessly. It wasn't until I was faced with a deeply personal issue in the human world, that I finally understood why this behaviour in my horse was here and why it was not going away. It was the way it was, because it HAD to be. Once I realised this, I understood the lesson.

Slowly, I begun to recognise, that this is how The Universe works. You will constantly be given opportunities to learn, to grow and, as in my particular case, to prepare for what was to come. Importantly, you will never be sent anything that you cannot handle, even if at the time the situation seems impossible. The lesson is there for you to dig out, uncover and get working on.

I realised the importance of sticking with something - even if it was, as in my case, an extremely “difficult” and “dangerous” thoroughbred mare. And in retrospect, I now know why I never gave up.

I was told by many people to “put the horse down, she will kill you” and “sell her and buy another horse that you can have fun with!” etc. I would sit and listen to these people, putting their fear stories onto me and I would be simultaneously be experiencing, what I can only describe as a deep inner knowing that I just had to stick with it, no matter what, until I got it. I had no idea why, but I was going to go with my gut.

I remember the day so well, when I finally did GET it. It was as if a heavy curtain had been lifted and I could see with absolute clarity. I realised that my time with Vari, this “crazy and untrainable” horse was in fact MY training ground. I was being prepared. I was being given opportunities, I was being tested. I was being shown. And it was all for me.

Importantly I realised that every being we encounter, especially those who are regularly with us, like our horses, our spouses, our children and all the people that we encounter as we go about our day, such as the bank teller, the grocer, the waitress  - they are all here for our greater good, however they show up, even if on the surface it doesn't, at first seem so. Every single person you encounter is here to give you an opportunity to be better, even if they are rude, testing or becoming angry with you. 

What my horse revealed to me wasn't because I was special or because she had unique spiritual powers. It simply was an intense magnification of that which existed outside of the stables and in the real world. In yoga they say "on the mat, off the mat." What lessons will you take with you out into the real world? And how will you share what you have come to know to be true? And the message that keep coming through for me was: learn the lesson. And if you can't learn it today, it will come tomorrow. And the next day. And the next. Life will constantly present opportunities for you. The question is....are you willing to take them?

Those who come to visit Vari, cannot believe that she is the same horse that I talk about as being the once dangerous and unmanageable mare that came to me. We are living proof that when you stop resisting what is, consciously take steps to shift your perception, let go of your ego self and embrace the lessons that are given to you, you can and will live a life you never thought possible.

I am honoured to share this path with you, as it was shown to me, by my beloved horse. I hope you will open your heart and let your horse guide you back to love.

We would be so blessed to have you and your horse, join us on this beautiful path, as members of this growing community and we welcome all who are called to be here.

If our stories, pictures and videos resonate with you, we ask that you share the love and help us to spread our message so that more horses and humans can heal and grow together.

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