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The Gift of The Horse Mindfulness

Self Study Practice

In July 2019 I created our very first study program, for those who wanted to dive a little deeper into the wonderful practice of Mindfulness and how we can practice mindfulness with our horses. 


I hosted two rounds of live teachings and I recognised that there was a need for a self-study practice and so, after many late nights, this program was born!


On this page you will find lots of information on this program and how to join us! 

This is a life time access self-study program: 

Once you have joined the practice, your materials and videos will be available to you forever. 

This program is hosted on Facebook: 

My dream was to share The Gift of The Horse in a more tangible and practical way, but to keep focused on accessibility, which is why I chose Facebook as the hosting platform for this program instead of hosting on an expensive teaching platform.

Keeping it real (!!): 

Every video and meditation was created and edited by me, keeping costs of production as low as possible (and keeping it real and personal!)


Keeping it Accessible for everyone; an affordable program: 

The beautiful journaling notes and supportive study notes were created firstly as hand written notes in a notebook I kept with me all the time as I was inspired to share what I was doing, then as simple word documents and then finally to the beautiful notes and images you have in this program! My sister Kari sourced the images, did all the layout, also at a very low fee. We both worked for many months often late into the night to breathe life into these words and bring these beautiful materials to this practice, but always in the forefront of our mind was – “keep this accessible to those who resonate with this teaching.” This was extremely important to me. Something that people could explore without needing to make a big investment.

How to join:

Step 1: Please send me a message via Facebook Messenger to The Gift of The Horse. In your message please say "request to join the Mindfulness Practice Self Study group" and include your email address. This is for the PayPal invoice. 

A once off payment of USD49.00 (via PayPal) will grant you access to the Facebook Group.

Step 2: Look out for the PayPal invoice in your email inbox and make your payment. I will receive a notification from PayPay confirming your payment. 


Step 3: Send a request to join the private Facebook Group:

This program is hosted within a private Facebook Group under The Gift of The Horse main Facebook page.


To find the group:


1. Go to The Gift of The Horse on Facebook, then

2. Go to “Groups by this page” - you will see the Self-Study there.

3. Look for SELF STUDY: The Gift of The Horse Mindfulness Practice.


Step 4: Once I have received your payment, I will approve you to join the Group. This is a manual process on my side, so please allow a little time for me to give you access. Usually I can do so immediately, but with time zone difference there may be only a very slight delay in your access. Keeping things manual, also keeps the price of the program as low as possible.

Step 5: You're in! And you have access to the entire program! Please follow along unit by unit and ENJOY!!! 


Contents of the program:


Unit 1: Day 1 Welcome


1.) Welcome Video

2.) Welcome Letter


Unit 2: Day 2 Preparation


1.) The How to Approach this Practice Support Video

2.) A simple guide on How to Meditate audio via The Gift of The Horse Podcast

3.) Recommended reading article from The Gift of The Horse website

4.) The Mindfulness Practice Book: Prep Notes


Unit 3: Day 3 Preparation


1.) The Mindfulness Practice Questionnaire

2.) The Questionnaire re Support Video

3.) Reflection and Catch up: Soft Attentiveness


Unit 4: Part 1:

Day 4 to Day 11: Welcoming Presence and Guardianship


1.) Welcome and Introduction

2.) An Introduction to Part 1 Video

2.) Part 1: You are A Guardian Meditation

3.) Part 1: The Mindfulness Practice Book: Welcoming Presence and Guardianship notes

4.) Part 1: Journaling and Reflection exercise


What you will need: A yoga mat or blanket to sit on.


Unit 5: Part 2:

Day 12 to Day 19: Nurturing Ourselves, Nurturing our Horses


1.) An Introduction to Part 2 Video

2.) Part 2: You are Enough Meditation

3.) Part 2: The Mindfulness Practice Book: Nurturing Ourselves, Nurturing our Horses supportive notes

4.) Part 2: Journaling and Reflection exercise


What you will need: A halter and a lead rope and your horse’s regular feed and a feed bucket


Unit 6: Part 3:

Day 20 to Day 27: Conscious Care


1.) An Introduction to Part 3 Video

2.) Part 3: I am The Keeper of My Spirit Body Meditation

3.) Part 3: The Mindfulness Practice Book: Conscious Care supportive notes

4.) Part 3: Journaling and Reflection exercise


What you will need: A halter and a lead rope and your horse’s grooming kit


Unit 7: Part 4:

Day 28 to Day 35: Mindful Movement


1.) An Introduction to Part 4 Video

2.) Part 4: A Walking Meditation

3.) Part 4: The Mindfulness Practice Book: Mindful Movement supportive notes

4.) Part 4: Review of The Mindfulness Practice Questionnaire


What you will need: A halter and a lead rope, as well as a safe place to walk your horse.


Unit 8:

Day 36: Conclusion:


1.) Transitioning Back into the Real World Support Video


Unit 9:

Facebook Live Archived Content:


We are loading up all our previous Facebook Lives which adds approximately 8 hours of additional content to what you will have above!


1.) FB Live Archive Video 1: (July 2019): Judgement

2.) FB Live Archive Video 2: (July 2019): Boundaries

3.) FB Live Archive Video 3: (July 2019): Acceptance


More Archived FB lives will be added weekly to the program until we are up to date with our current full library of materials. (Total 8 videos at this time).


What is not included in the Self-Study Practice?


1.) I have designed this self-study to be a self-exploration into the teachings of The Gift of The Horse. There is no time limit and you do not have to follow along per day. The days are there simply as a guide to your practice. Really make this your own and marinate where you need to. If something doesn’t resonate, don’t worry about it, but stay open, you may come back to the lesson later on.


2.) My goal with creating a self-study, was so that your answers and support all exist within the program. I encourage you to really dive deeply, reflect and commit to the practices we share here. My wish was that the videos, materials and meditations would guide you completely, so essentially I am not in the platform guiding you step by step or doing live teachings for specific queries and questions. All you need to know will become clear, the deeper you dive into the materials. However, if you feel your question isn’t answered, or you have a specific situation, please send me a direct message and I will support you. Over time we will also have a Q&A library which can be a first point of refence for any questions.

3.) Only The Gift of The Horse can create posts in this group. This is to keep the content clear and in the correct order.


4.) Please share your comments! They will be greatly welcomed! I am often in the group to see how everyone is doing. Often many people have the same questions in a practice like this, so I may add additional materials, posts and videos as we go such pre-recorded videos, additional articles, or recommended reading materials. These will be added as bonuses. My wish is that this remains a self-study and your own deep dive into these teachings.


Kindly note that all materials in this practice are under copyright to Lara Pieret.


With love,




Image credit: Kari Collard, The Peace and Love Club

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